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In my academic career in the UK, over the past six years, as a woman of colour, teaching, learning, and researching in predominantly white institutions, I have felt a strong desire and commitment to participate in the creation of radical and liberating spaces. Recognizing that the classroom ‘remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy’ (hooks, 1994, p. 13), I aimed to follow an approach that is actively intertwined with two powerful traditions of critical pedagogy: decolonization and feminisms. These pedagogies promote the commitment to enhancing inclusive education, encourage teaching practices that share power with students, and democratize the teaching setting by adopting styles that are non-authoritative. It is through the notion of positionality that both approaches encounter each other to explore ways of teaching that are not centred in enabling the recognition of difference as a ground for knowledge. I am a student of this scholarship on teaching and learning which I draw on to inform my instructional practices, course design, and engagement with students in and out of the classroom.

Teaching Experience

From fall 2010 to spring 2011, I worked as a teaching assistant in sociology at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Egypt. The modules covered various topics associated with introductory sociology, social psychology, political sociology, and gender studies. Primarily focused on the Middle East and North Africa, the courses were designed for advanced undergraduate students in social sciences but also included students from other majors like Economics, Law and Political Science. 

From fall 2016 until summer 2019, I worked as an associate lecturer at the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research at the University of Kent, while working on my doctoral research. I taught on Sociology of Everyday Life, Crime and Society, Crime and Media, and Criminal Justice System in Britain. 

From fall 2019 until the present, I worked as a Lecturer in Criminology (entitled to progression to Senior Lecturer soon). I have prepared, taught and designed assessments on several courses:


  • 1st year BA Criminology:

Explaining Criminal Behaviour: Feminist, Critical, Subcultural, Postmodern and Post Structural Criminology.

  • 2nd year BA Criminology:

Diversity in Crimes & Prejudice: Racist Hate Crime, Islamophobic Hate Crime, Misogyny as Hate Crime, Rise of the Alt-right.

Criminology in the Real World: Service-learning centred module where students work on a project alongside an organization, in my group it was Nottingham Women’s Centre and BRAVE Nottingham.

  • 3rd year BA Criminology:

Contemporary Criminological Theory & Research: Research Methods, Ethics & Values of Research, Critical Criminology, Feminist Criminology & Southern Criminology.
Research Project: This is the undergraduate dissertation module which I lead and teach topics around the Research Process, Research Methods, Ethics, Data Analysis and Writing up a Dissertation.

  • MA Criminology:

Application to Criminological Theory and Research Methods: Creative Research Methods, Critical Criminology, Feminist Criminology, Southern & Postcolonial Criminology.

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