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Hind Elhinnawy

Writer, feminist, scholar, activist, mother, daughter, woman, friend but mostly- FIGHTER!!

A dedicated feminist, activist and academic with a strong interdisciplinary research agenda focused on gender activism, intersectionality, social justice & social change. Joined Nottingham Trent University as a lecturer/senior lecturer in criminology in 2019, after finishing my doctoral studies in Social Policy at the University of Kent. A recognised and world-known active challenger of women’s status in Egypt, my work for over a decade on gender-focused social and political activism has led to law and policy reform. My first book explored the ways in which Islamic values are created, reformulated, and fed into the perceptions of young females. My current projects include the publishing of a monograph with Bloomsbury entitled; The Secular Muslim Feminist: An Alternative Voice in the War of Ideas.

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Gender Activism I Islam(ism) I Secularism I Subaltern Voices

I came to academia after an excruciating journey of gender-based activism in Egypt, founded on a painful personal story that has become public. I fought and won every single battle and marked a legal precedent that subsequently resulted in the reformation of personal status laws in Egypt. Yet, as a result of daring to speak against Shari’a, I was labelled “western”, “infidel”, “loose”, “reckless” and sometimes “anti-Muslim”, by colleagues, neighbours, the public as well as my own extended family; the impact of these personal experiences was so profound. I discovered the relationship between the liberation of women and the liberation of a country from a corrupt regime and a rising Islamist ideology; this was precisely what brought me to academia. Fighting for change became a matter of life or death to me that I abandoned my former career as an interior architect and devoted my life to fighting gender-based violence in all its forms. I pursued post-graduate studies to understand and make sense of my lived experiences. I registered at the American University in Cairo for a master’s degree in gender and women’s studies. I volunteered for several NGOs, attended conferences around the Middle East, wrote blogs and opinion articles, participated in televised debates and became a serious and recognised active challenger of women’s status in Muslim countries. I vowed to continue the battle, and never stop fighting gender-based violence.


In 2016, I moved to the UK to pursue my PhD in gender and social policy. Ultimately, what I really wanted was to write, because “writing is a political act, a way of reclaiming power” (Behl, 2019, p. 88) and finding my own voice!


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Nottingham Trent University

School of Social Sciences

50 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham NG1 4FQ

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